Corporate Compliance

Getting a visa or sponsorship approval is one thing, but ensuring you comply with Australian immigration law is essential to protect not only your brand, but also minimising your organisation’s exposure to sanctions such as infringement notices or other civil penalties or even criminal sanction. Ignoring your company’s processes can leave company directors exposed.


Audits and Enforcement activities in immigration is conducted not only by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection but increasingly by other agencies. Since 2013, the Fair Work Ombudsman was entrusted specific powers  to investigate employers and increasing financial and other penalties have been issued.

We provide proactive consultancy services such as :

  • onsite or written training and staff support
  • developing corporate policies,
  • audits or reviews of your existing processes to ensure compliance

We can be assigned as independent consultants by larger companies or where your head office is overseas to advise the Board of Directors. This could be to undertake a strategic review or conduct an audit of the operations to ensure the company’s processes arecompliant.

We can be appointed in the event you are subject to an audit by the Fair Work Ombudsman or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, or receive a Notice of Intention to Take Action, or have your sponsorship cancelled, for example.

Since 2007, every business in Australia is required to verify whether a new staff member has the appropriate entitlement to work in Australia. Failure to properly validate an employee’s Australian work rights can lead to criminal penalties. With continuous change in the visa categories as well as in a staff member’s possible visa conditions, you need to be aware of your obligations and the mechanisms to monitor their visa status.