Keeping your visa-Citizenship and RRV

Getting your visa is one thing. Keeping it is another. Many people think that once your Australian permanent visa is granted you hold it forever.That is true if you remain in Australia. While this can be true if you live in Australia for most of the time, if you need to travel for business and personal reasons you may not be able to remain in Australia for as long as you would like. The normal rule is the visa can be renewed by staying at least 40% of your time in Australia, or 2 in 5 years. If spend less than 40% of your time in Australia, you are at risk when going to renew your visa after 5 years. We can work with you to prepare and present your application, and to monitor your status.


Citizenship is the last step in your migration journey. While most citizenship applications are relatively straightforward, complications do arise. We can assist you.

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